Our Destinations

Put your trust in us to have a once in a lifetime experience and take you to all of these different destinations within the Dominican Republic.



The Samana bay is home to one of the best and biggest sanctuaries for humpback whales in the world. Located in Samaná is also Cayo Levantado known worldwide for its beautiful white sand beaches.


Punta Cana

Being one the most popular tourist destinations in the world, we bring you the most exclusive attractions so you can have the best experience possible.



Miches is one of the most well preserved destinations in the Dominican Republic. Home to the Laguna Limon, Laguna Redonda and Redonda Mountain. We guarantee the most breathtaking views of your entire vacations.


Los Haitises

This ecological park contains large amounts of underground bodies of water: 100 to 150 rivers that cross each other forming a mixture of fresh and salty water where crabs, oysters, carps, river shrimp, and even the “Manatee” or marine elephant call home.